IMG_0549 - Version 2Here’s to growth, development and transformation.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with private practices in both Encino, California and Irvine, California.  I see adults, couples, families and individuals in both practices.  I specialize in the field of recovery and in working with relationship issues.  Underpinning my work as a therapist is a long-time personal and professional interest in meditation, mindfulness studies, and body-oriented methods of growth and healing.  Integrating the mind, body, spirit and heart provides a meaningful foundation for my work and practice.  Please see my website for more information about my practice.

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  1. I’ve been out if therapy for over a year. My previous therapist relocated out of state. I’m seeing a therapist through my provider Healthnet, and I’m not satisfied. I’ve had about four session so far. I’m really looking for something different, something more effective and transforming. Allot of my issues are around women,relationships, my work. Thank you!

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